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Who We Are

New Global Pandemic. That’s where we come in.

As founders of Doc Farma, S.A. knew we could make a difference in the global battle against Corona virus. Our company is a strategic alliance between Doc.com and Farmazona, S.A. Our passion for what we do and helping others are the motivating factors for meeting the challenges presented by the pandemic head on.

We believe what we do has an impact on the world, and we strive every day to do our part. To make a difference.

We draw on knowledge gained over 60 years of experience and the latest technological advances to bring successful outcomes to our clients.

Our core activity revolves around the distribution and production of Avifavir, an antiviral therapeutic developed by Chromis and RDIF. Avifavir has proved to be one of the most effective treatments for patients that become ill with the novel Corona virus.

Doc Farma is headquartered in the Colon Free Zone in the Republic of Panama.

Our reach is global, our impact local.

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Our Products

Medical Supplies

We not only are able to serve your PPE needs but provide consulting services for mobile clinic design, establishment of  mobile clinic programs, medical support, vaccine programs & much more.

Avifavir® Antiviral

The drug has a direct antiviral effect, blocking the multiplication mechanisms of coronavirus, relieves symptoms and reduces the duration of the disease by half compared to standard therapy.

60 Years of international commerce experience global

Much due to our global team, we bring logistics and distribution solutions to our clients around the world. 

Our Leadership Team

Charles Nader, CEO

Charles Nader is the founder and CEO of Doc.com, an innovative decentralized platform that provides free basic healthcare and health education to people all over the world.

Charles had always been passionate about medicine and helping people in need. As a medical student in Mexico City, he knows how difficult it was for poor people to get proper medical assistance.

This didn’t just inspire him to continue his medical education but also awakened a desire to do something to rectify the situation. 

Nader is a serial entrepreneur who has worked for a large number of interesting and unique business ideas. Charles has won several awards and accolades over the years. 

Julio Richburg, COO

Julio brings leadership and international business experience to the Doc Farma team and is most happy when trailblazing startup companies. Prior to joining the company, Julio co-founded Ironclad Technologies Inc., a cybersecurity software company and INTECO an energy and healthcare solutions consulting firm.

bruno ferrari, commercial director

Bruno Ferrari is the commercial director for Farmazona S.A and associated companies, with more than 10 years of experience in managing logistics operations in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Central America and the Caribbean. He has overseen the implementation and growth of major Pharmaceutical operations, including the usage of E-Commerce platforms for direct to patient sales, expansion into new markets in South America, and the successful implementation of a Cryogenic Distribution Hub.