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In February 2020, favipiravir was successfully tested in a pilot randomized study as a treatment for COVID-19 and obtained approval as an effective antiviral agent against COVID-19 in China. Without having any access to the foreign drug product and API due to the lockdown, the scientists of ChemRar Group decided to use this data to develop and manufacture their own favipiravir-based medicine with the support of RDIF and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. In April, they managed to create an original favipiravir-based formulation, which was patented and named Avifavir.

Avifavir® became the world’s first approved favipiravir-based drug for COVID-19 infection treatment and the first drug against COVID-19 authorized in Russia. The drug is included in the Essential drug list and is recommended by the guidelines of the Russian Ministry of Health for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19.

Clinical trials of Avifavir® have proven that the drug can block the viral replication mechanisms, relieve the symptoms and reduce the duration of the disease by half compared to standard therapy. Avifavir is recognized by experts as one of the most effective medicines for COVID-19 treatment in clinical practice.


Avifavir advantages:

• Fully developed and scaled technology of API and drug product manufacturing;

• High quality of the product: – high purity of API – selected particles size and polymorth form for the final composition led to a more rapid release of the active substance from the tablets and better stability; – right choice of excipients, – 2 years’ stability;

• Proprietary IP – Chromis obtained the patent for a composition with Favipiravir as an anti-COVID-19 drug;

• Clinical results showing efficacy in COVID-19 treatement – the effectiveness of Avifavir® has been proven during clinical studies, which in scale and depth significantly exceed those of other manufacturers of Favipiravir. 460 patients in 35 medical centers of the Russian Federation took part in clinical trials (phase II / III) of Avifavir®;

• Fast supply of drug products to any destination. 600 000+ packs per month manufacturing at 3 sites in Russia;

• Option for technology transfer to local partner for a long-term collaboration in the health care field;

• Competitive pricing.

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